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    About Us
    With stronger wireless network condition and mobile devices, the cell phone users can enjoy more
    various and developed applications now, such as our MEye Tech software, which enables you to realize
    the remote and real-time surveillance at any time in anywhere from your mobile devices...
    Default Mobile port or TCP port
    1. If you have one DVR, if you know the default mobile port, but not know which app can work with your DVR, you could refer to this sheet. For example, the default mobile port is 34599, so you could use Vmeye or Vmeye+, ect.
    2. If you know which app can work with your DVR, but not know what its default mobile port is, you could refer to this sheet as well, if you didn’t change it before.
    15966 HBPlayer , DVRPlayer , DVRPlayer+ , Viscoo
    TCP Port:8101 Viscoo Remote Pro , DVRseesee , HBDVRClient Pro , HBDVRClient 
    15961 kMeye , Kmeye4
    18004 Asee , Asee+ , Aseepro+ , SwannView , NightOwl Lite , Lorex mobile ECO
    7050 Kweye , Kweye+ , iseeder
    34599 vMeye , vMeyeV2 , vMeyePlus , HiViewer , AlmondHOME , iAlive
    TCP Port:34567 Vmeyesuper
    100 Meye , MeyePlus , Meye4PB , TEC_BE VIEWER , Streaming
    101 or 111 Tmeye , Tmeye+
    3357 zMeye  , zMeyePlus
    TCP port:8000 IMSeye , IMSeye(old) , IMSeyePro
    6802 DVRMobile
    Recommendation on Streaming Settings
    Note: If you are sure your IP and mobile port is correct, but still not connected, please set your DVR as this sheet. 
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